A film camera, a treasured memory

The summer is coming soon, the whether becomes warmer, it will be a great time for many people to go out for a trip. Yes, travelling with your beloved one is a perfect choice to improve the relationship and create sweet memories between the two persons. Definitely, it is necessary to take a CAMERA with you to capture the memorable moments during the travel; no matter you are going to a tourist spot far from your home, or just outing.

In the former post, I recommended you to understand what your girlfriend really like, depending on her daily situation and interests, you can easily find the perfect and proper gift, while touching her heart.

If your girlfriend is a photographer or a person who are interested in taking photos, you can choose the Diana Camera, and if she precisely have enthusiasm in VINTAGE style, this 60’s look plastic film camera can give her a unique experience and make her feel really happy!5644274441_5e36ccb3da_o

This Diana Camera is a cult classic in photography art, by appearing the soft, dream-like, and super-saturated colors, users can take unpredictable blurring and random contrast images with this unique camera. Your girlfriend is tired about the ordinary cellphone photography andthe unpleasant photography experiences? Do not worry, because the ALTERNATIVE lightweight camera will share its distinctive brand spirit with her, which is insisting unexpected experience and making the imperfections become excellent.576x576x2

Vintage is a fashion,lomography is a trend, and Diana film camera is an expressive ART. Maybe your girlfriend has a great enthusiasm to record every sweet moment or every amazing view in your trip, this camera can surprise her, making the novel and nostalgic photos become you two’s exclusive memory. When she recalls the days with you, just taking out the album, those photos can tell her the whole treasured story.

With this camera, your girlfriend can also find it is a JOYFUL TOY, the photos can be multiple exposures and overlapping frames, whether she is good at shooting or not, the camera can make all the pictures represent personality. Also, this fancy appearance of the camera can be a TRENDY ACCESSORY for your girlfriend to take with, which can show her vintage and distinctive taste.

Giving her the unique camera gift, it is not tochallenge her photography skills, it is all about bringing random and relax feeling, and the memory will make her obsessive.7427119448_4bd30153e6_o

The original Diana Camera was made by the Great Wall Plastic Factory of Kowloon, Hong Kong in 1960s, sold as a kind of inexpensive camera box and exported worldwide. Along with the decrease of film rolls and the raise of digital cameras, the Diana had gradually disappeared in the 1970s. But the new camera with classical model has come back, which is a valuable type for collectors. According to the Indiegogo.com, the digital Diana Camera is ready to continually shock lomo-lovers’ mind.


2D bag? Food smartphone stand? Giving your fashionista a surprise!

Every time I think of the reason WHY I open this blog, I tell to myself, “You are creating a platform, helping men find the most surprising and unusual gift for their loved ones.” In the former two posts, I recommended the gift inspirations based on the thoughts of delighting your girlfriend with really cool and unexpected things. Also, the ideas intend to satisfy the needs of creativity, worth owning and usability.

Remember, the PREMISE of choosing perfect gift is the understanding of your girlfriend’s interests and her current life situation, because the gift that you want to give and the gift she wants receive sometimes are two different things. If you want to choose a perfect gift, better not to just give her a gift “looks like” good, so that the gift can suit her taste, and then the gift is cool for her.

The definition of FASHION has a wide range, it is not hard to find fashion trend in many fields, based on the significant power of fashion, you can easily use trendy item to meet your girlfriend’s interests. Delicious food and cartoon always are hot topics among people and social media platforms, and when they blend with creative fashion elements, those products can make surprise too.

This time, the gift ideas are about the fashion trend of combining two-dimensional world with real life. If your girlfriend has passion on finding delicious foods or keeping up with fashion trends, the following creative ideas may conform to her personality. Wait, she is a fashionista who are pursuing every new stylish trend? There is a chance to give her some supports and make her happy.

Food or smartphone stand?!enhanced-buzz-12337-1392177221-10

The answer is the Japan designed smartphone stand, those phone stands are so much different than ordinary ones. You even cannot recognize them as smartphone stands but many kinds of genuine Japanese food, such as sushi, ramen, crispy tempura, the collections also includes some amazing look hamburger replica, taco replica, and so much more!foodtray00

Those realistic delicious foods can absolutely make you watering and hungry, especially before meals. The food sample smartphone stand can give your phone a support between a fried egg and noodles, obviously, it will attract everyone’s attention when they passing by. With this unique cellphone accessory, your girlfriend must feel happy to have both the fashion lifestyle and the enthusiasm about tasty foods. Moreover, it is also a great opportunity for you to help her generate a hot topic on social media, sharing innovative items with her friends. Imagination will never outdated, now, want to eat more delicious food and dishes?

Cartoon or backpack?!

Yes! They are backpacks and handbags designed by a Taiwan brand Jump From Paper in China. If your girlfriend has obsessive interest in two-dimensional anime, comics, or figures, you can choose this one as a gift for her, which contains trendy design spirit and a 2D visual attraction. With black thick line outlining the border and the very bright color schemes to match, it seems like the bags are jumping out of the page of illustration graphic. In addition to the appearance, the functional design is awesome, the two designers carefully made the details like side pocket and enough bag volume, making the bag useful while maintaining fashionable. It’s time to let your girlfriend acknowledge her “enthusiasm of childish,” because it becomes a fashion trend now!

Those cute and trendy items can provide both foodies and fashionistas with far too much temptation. If you love her, you must understand her interest, it is not that difficult in your mind.

The Flipbook

A bottle of fragrance? A purse? A bouquet of roses? HOW will you prepare for her birthday, anniversary, an important day, or any other romantic holidays? Generally, buying a gift is on the top of your mind, no matter how much it will cost, you just need it to present your love and care to your partner.

BUT, do you think it is hard to create a surprise? Women like surprises, unfortunately it is not that easy to surprise them, they have seen too many creative goods, firstly because of their sensitive of latest trends and interesting news, they never lack of a curiosity about innovative things; the second reason is the power of social media, there are tons of new things they can easily access to. If the gift ideas are too ordinary, you will not make your girlfriend surprised, unless you can keep up with the constantly updated inspiration. YES, it is difficult to come up with a creative gift idea, which can indeed delight your love.

So if finding a creative gift drives you crazy, just keep reading this post. I will recommend not only new ideas, but also where you can find it. It may inspire you of a gift that can surprise your love and is worth owning.

Do you remember the FLIPBOOK you played in your childhood? And can you imagine that it can be a memorable and really attractive gift?

First, watch this video:

By asking his girlfriend Alexa Wenning to flip a personalized flipbook that contained an engagement ring, a Chicago man Rodney Nelson creatively proposed to his girlfriend. After she got to the end, he pulled out the real ring and put it on her finger. The sweet cartoon flipbook tells a story of Rodney and Alexa playing fetch with their dog, and then the dog was carrying a grey ring box, which finally opened and showed a ring inside with the word on the book—“Will you marry me?” This impressive animated proposal really touched his future wife’s heart. With the pages flipped, the carton character and story direct the girlfriend to a real excitement and surprise.

Would you be CURIOUS how to get such a flipbook? The designer of this custom hand-drawn animated flipbook is a Chicago artist called Ben Zurawski. You can order your own personalized flipbook with any themes by visiting his website The Flippist. You can share your story to the designer and let the story turn into a real animated cartoon. Because you can choose the topic by yourself and brainstorm the interesting details with the designer, this creative gift can be perfect and unique in any occasions or to whoever may receive it.

“Cartoons were things you only got to see on TV, but with a flip book, I could make animation happen with my own hands.” the designer Ben Zurawski once said. Inspired by his father, Zurawski became an enthusiastic flipbook collector, and then grew up to a dedicated flipbook artist. He refuses to use computer during the process of designing and creating, insisting on working by hand. YES, this creative flipbook is art, more than a gift, which contains the designer’s talent that worth collecting; and the most important, it is a romantic carrier full of your love and cares to your girlfriend.

NOW, can’t wait to give her a surprise?

The Jar of Love

Stylish-glass-terrariums-for-growing-green-plants-01_furnimeNo matter your girlfriend love gardening or not, there is no denying that a TERRARIUM contains with little plants and flowers can give her a feeling of warm love. Yes, today the art of terrarium is popular again and it becomes a hot trend among those people who have the enthusiasm of life. Generally speaking, women were considered to be more emotional, so the power of little cute items cannot be overlooked.

As I mentioned in the former post, if you love her, you absolutely have the needs to express your love to her, the unique gift can present your CARE AND RESPECT. The terrarium is a good choice of gift that can place in her office or home, relaxing her mind and remind her there is a person who is caring about her.

Love Grows Here Terrarium is a sweet terrarium works designed by Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow. The designers not only made the attractive jar of textural mosses, river stones, and rich soil, but also created a small world of love. There is a male character or a female character in the microcosm, who is holding a sign with the words “I love you.”

The tiny beautiful readymade terrarium is easy to care for, so don’t worry about your girlfriend who may not good at gardening. It is not like a bouquet of lily, which has great fragrance of flowers but difficult to thrive for a long time. Besides, the terrarium can tell a story, can you imagine what happened in the little world?

The designers are two friends, who both have devotion on plants and terrariums. After they finished making a number of terrariums in many types of glass vessels, they opened their own venture called Twig Terrarium based in New York. Because of the creatively assembling, the terrariums can be more personalized and became an art instead of simply a pot plant. In the early days, their products were so popular in Brooklyn Flea Market, and their story was soon reported by many news media, even including The New York Times.

According to the NYT’s news, the artist Ms. Inciarrano said, “Having these in my home has changed the way I feel about my home, it feels more peaceful and in order.” So, if your girlfriend recently under too much stress of work or study, why not give her a cute jar of green to help her get rid of bad mood and tell her how much you care about her? And the terrarium can be a jar of love.