The Flipbook

A bottle of fragrance? A purse? A bouquet of roses? HOW will you prepare for her birthday, anniversary, an important day, or any other romantic holidays? Generally, buying a gift is on the top of your mind, no matter how much it will cost, you just need it to present your love and care to your partner.

BUT, do you think it is hard to create a surprise? Women like surprises, unfortunately it is not that easy to surprise them, they have seen too many creative goods, firstly because of their sensitive of latest trends and interesting news, they never lack of a curiosity about innovative things; the second reason is the power of social media, there are tons of new things they can easily access to. If the gift ideas are too ordinary, you will not make your girlfriend surprised, unless you can keep up with the constantly updated inspiration. YES, it is difficult to come up with a creative gift idea, which can indeed delight your love.

So if finding a creative gift drives you crazy, just keep reading this post. I will recommend not only new ideas, but also where you can find it. It may inspire you of a gift that can surprise your love and is worth owning.

Do you remember the FLIPBOOK you played in your childhood? And can you imagine that it can be a memorable and really attractive gift?

First, watch this video:

By asking his girlfriend Alexa Wenning to flip a personalized flipbook that contained an engagement ring, a Chicago man Rodney Nelson creatively proposed to his girlfriend. After she got to the end, he pulled out the real ring and put it on her finger. The sweet cartoon flipbook tells a story of Rodney and Alexa playing fetch with their dog, and then the dog was carrying a grey ring box, which finally opened and showed a ring inside with the word on the book—“Will you marry me?” This impressive animated proposal really touched his future wife’s heart. With the pages flipped, the carton character and story direct the girlfriend to a real excitement and surprise.

Would you be CURIOUS how to get such a flipbook? The designer of this custom hand-drawn animated flipbook is a Chicago artist called Ben Zurawski. You can order your own personalized flipbook with any themes by visiting his website The Flippist. You can share your story to the designer and let the story turn into a real animated cartoon. Because you can choose the topic by yourself and brainstorm the interesting details with the designer, this creative gift can be perfect and unique in any occasions or to whoever may receive it.

“Cartoons were things you only got to see on TV, but with a flip book, I could make animation happen with my own hands.” the designer Ben Zurawski once said. Inspired by his father, Zurawski became an enthusiastic flipbook collector, and then grew up to a dedicated flipbook artist. He refuses to use computer during the process of designing and creating, insisting on working by hand. YES, this creative flipbook is art, more than a gift, which contains the designer’s talent that worth collecting; and the most important, it is a romantic carrier full of your love and cares to your girlfriend.

NOW, can’t wait to give her a surprise?


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